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Setting final output

I checked the redirect() code again and noticed it was only while the site was
down. I only glanced before and thought you were redirecting your main site which
does have a a minor performance penalty and should only be used when required.

>>> Are you saying that simply calling _remap() in every [front-end] controller
>>> (via MY_Controller) will affect performance in a negative way?
I think that _remap() will have a very tiny performance hit but neglible because
the code is parsed on your server before being passed to the browser;

>>> Also, I need the site to be available in some controllers,
>>> so I can log in and reactivate it
>>> Doing this in the config file won’t give access to the assets
>>> I need to check anything in the first place.

I do not like a site being down not even for a very short time

I would be tempted to duplicate your existing application folder and debug
and/or modify then make it live by changing the index.php $application_path

I use a separate file to:

1. start the session with session_start()
2. reset $_SESSION['_MENU_']
3. select a new $_SESSION['_MENU_']
4. redirect to index.php
5. test for the $_SESSION['_MENU_'] and set index.php -> $application_path

index.php file.
$application_folder = isset($_SESSION['_MENU_']) ? $_SESSION['_MENU_'] : "ci_jokes";

Check it out here http://johns-jokes.com/_menu.php

Very little works because of upgrading from CI_1.72 to CI2

The redirect is really just for vanity, there's no need for it other than making sure the user knows that the site is down and clicking links won't get you anywhere.

I'm surprised you had upgrade issues to 2.0, what are they?

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