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[DataMapper] (1.7.1) Relation saving issue

Hello there. Today I've tried to implement DM 1.7.1 into one of my projects. Following the guide provided by DM developer I've encountered a problem.

The Contractor Creation method is like this:

$c = new CContractor();

$c->company_name = $this->input->post('company_name');
// ...
$c->comment = $this->input->post('comment');

// Store the contractor

// Relate him with the current customer

field is a member of MY_Controller and set up during the MY_Controller::__construct() with a valid Customer class object.

The contractor is being added properly to the database. Just before the call of
I've checked the ID's of both $this->customer and $c - and they are both valid integers - so that means that objects are valid.

I'm not sure if it isn't a bug or smth. In the end I've got:
Unable to relate customer with ccontractor.

Am I doing something wrong?

You get this message if you don't have a valid relationship defined between both models (note: you have to do this in BOTH models).

Show me the relationship definitions from both the Ccontractor and the Customer model if you want me to have a look.

The relation is defined by the code fragments listed below:

file: models/crm/customer.php

class Customer extends DataMapper
    var $has_many = array('CFile', 'CContractor', 'CProduct');

file: models/customer/company/ccontractor.php

class CContractor extends DataMapper
    var $has_one = array('Customer');

Class names must have the first letter capitalized with the rest of the name lowercase..this is what i find in the models user guide of codeigniter...it may be because of that..but i am not sure..

That is correct. The lookup of the relation happens using the capitalized name of the model, unless you use an advanced relationship definition (with an array instead of a string), in which case the class name will be used as defined.

This this case, it can't find a relation for Customer called 'Ccontractor'.

Either define them as stated in the manual, or use an advanced relationship definition so you can name them whatever you want.

Looks like it is the solution Smile Thanks guys.

The code below is a example solution for this problem:

class Customer extends DataMapper
    var $has_many = array(
        'cfile' => array(
            'class' => 'CFile'
        'ccontractor' => array(
            'class' => 'CContractor'
        'cproduct' => array(
            'class' => 'CProduct'

Thanks once again.

I would recommend extending the error description text, so you can avoid such questions in future Smile

Well, I thought the message was self explanatory:
Quote:Unable to relate customer with ccontractor.
i.e. "Help, I can't find the relationship between the two".

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