CI Session class doesn't destroy session when the browser closes?

I just noticed that sess_expire_on_close is not implemented in the version of the Session library that I have. I am using CodeIgniter 2.0, so why is it missing? Do I need a more current version of CI 2.0?

Ugh. That was it. I grabbed the newest version of Session.php and now it works. I can't wait until we have a real 2.0 release.

2.0 is work in progress, so if you use that, make sure you update regularly (and check if an update doesn't break anything). I'm pretty sure it was introduced in a very early 2.0.

I have a question related to this, so it seemed like the right place to ask - is there a way to manipulate the session expiry on a per-user basis, so that I can use this ability to persist the session beyond browser close as a "remember me" feature (instead of using a separate cookie)?

It seems like an automatic negative, since the session already exists before a user logs in, right? It would need to be hacked to force a new session cookie to be set upon logging in. Probably easier to just add similar db-stored security keys to a "remember me" cookie to make it more secure, I think, than trying to use this.

Same problem here! I'm using CI 2.1
Any suggestion on how to solve?

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