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Hierarchal MVC - Which One?

I'm not new to the whole MVC approach, however I am to the Hierarchal MVC approach. I know the rest of the post may seem vague, but I'll try to describe it the best I can. I see on this forum people talking about Hierarchal MVC and the two systems that have been developed for CodeIgniter. My question for is:

Which one is better to use for someone used to CodeIgniter, but has never tried an HMVC approach?

The reasons why I believe I need a Hierarchal MVC is because I am currently developing a text-based RPG which needs modules for plugins, but also for an admin panel that will be sharing alot in common with the internal public side of the site.

You can develop any kind of system with MVC.
In 2.0 third party has been added, with a bit of logic programming you can do anything.

I'm working now to a very big hosting app, and i choose MVC not HMVC.

The reason why I am leaning more towards the HMVC style, is also down to wanting a clean and clear file system.

My file system is like this:

-> app
-> config (database,config)
-> models (general models)
-> third_party
-> automation
-> gateways
-> antifraud
-> geoip
-> CustomModules
-> library (Front controller)

// Every app (admin,cp,store) have his own Controller that extends Front

-> admin
-> controllers
-> folder/controller
-> folder/subfolder/controller/
-> folder/subfolder/anothersub/controller

-> cp
-> order
-> api
-> sapi
-> ajax
-> cron

is more big like that, but i show you how i go.

I consider it pretty elegant.

[eluser]Phil Sturgeon[/eluser]
Don't confuse HMVC with modular MVC. I was confused between the two for a long time, but basically HMVC beans "controllers calling other controllers" and modular MVC offers "normal MVC split between module folders".

Modular Extensions by wiredesignz offers both

Be aware that Sturgeons fork of Modular Extensions is out of date. Check my signature for a link to the latest version.

Ahh, well I've set up yours a while ago but it took me a while to realise that I needed to extend the MX_Controller from the core folder!

All that I got to do now is a few tests to see if I can work with HMVC and if it is suitable for the project. The only thing missing now is pre-built open-source modules!

[eluser]Phil Sturgeon[/eluser]
Oops, I didn't mean to link to my fork. That's what happens when you grab a link from the AwesomeBar at 2 in the morning!

You only need to extend MX_Controller if you want to use the HMVC feature. Modules will work either way.

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