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Reactor Engineers

You know, wiredesignz, you sure do spout off about knowing so much about CodeIgniter and being this huge god when it comes to it, and you also complain way to damn much. Why don't you shut your trap, and put your skills to work and do the stuff and submit it to the Engineers?

Everyone wants stuff added but doesn't wanna do the work. Either put up, or shut up and let them do what they have to do.

We do not need these kind of remarks on the forums, everyone has their own opinions.

So we do not need to start any bashing on the forums.


@Josh Manders, Buddy, get a clue. I have contributed far more to this community than you know and I can see the bullshit that you are blind to. And I do actually "put up" every damn day and have done for 3 years.

My issue is with how little insight the Reactor Engineers have about the things CodeIgniter really needs to be the most developer friendly framework. It needs flexibility. If anyone knows CI they will see how rigid it is regarding file locations and class inheritance and I don't see one "Engineer" with a clue about this. All I see is a bunch of amateur coders being driven along by ideas from another bunch of even more amateur coders.

And we all thank you very much wiredesignz.

Thank you


So do something about it instead of being a loud mouth.

[Author Removed Post]

Two versions of codeigniter no matter what you may call it will always be a little confusing to new users.

[quote author="Developer13" date="1297722755"][quote author="Josh Manders" date="1297721235"]So do something about it instead of being a loud mouth.[/quote]

Yeah... you're not going to win this, so just STFU already. WD is just expressing his opinions. Go troll somewhere else.[/quote]

Troll somewhere else? All I ever see of this kid is him bitching about CodeIgniter or Phil Sturgeon..

[Author Removed Post]

[eluser]Josh Holloway[/eluser]
[quote author="Josh Manders" date="1297721235"]So do something about it instead of being a loud mouth.[/quote]

I reiterate what @Developer13 has said.

You're not going to win this and rightly so. @WireDesignz has contributed greated to CI in the past and hopefully will continue to do so in the future.

I do have great respect for both WD and Phil. I've used Phil's website many a times when learning about CI.

I believe the idea behind Reactor is good. - CI is a community driven framework and the community should get to request additions.

However, sometimes - the smaller additions can build up making everything better in the future.

These little additions could add up to the bigger additions which revolutionise CI.

I'm looking forward to seeing everything and hopefully after more exposure to CI I can start contributing.

Lets try and turn this topic back to being a constructive reminder that along with the smaller requests some bigger ones have been noticed.

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