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Reactor Engineers

[eluser]Michael Wales[/eluser]
Oh hell - the rest of the old timers are chiming in, why shouldn't I?

WD - you're one hell of an asset to this community; but, the way you came off in this post - completely inappropriate and to be honest, not very constructive. The guys working on Reactor have to meet a balance between "balls to the wall" rewriting certain portions of the framework and slowly making additions/changes that meet demand.

Additionally, just because something is the highest voted for feature, doesn't mean it's the highest priority. I think all of us can agree, a feature with a boat-load of supporters that only requires 10-15 minutes of work is much more valuable to the community than an even more popular feature that requires hours/days of work - by the Reactor team working on these "quick wins" they only further validate the work, and good, they are doing for our framework and community as a whole.

Ultimately, I'm just glad to see CodeIgniter receive some attention - and I'm not going to complain about anything they do. EllisLab has virtually ignored CodeIgniter since 1.7.2 (which was released on 11 Sept 2009), aside from a few security patches. No, CodeIgniter 2.0 doesn't count, that was an ExpressionEngine effort - the release of CI 2.0 was a side-effect and only after quite a bit of complaining/begging/convincing from the community that it was, in fact, stable.

I think the argument about there being 2 versions of CodeIgniter is a bit unfounded, especially if the homepage "download link" points to the Reactor version. If that's the case - there is only one version of CI (Reactor), "Core" is nothing more then EE-backend - it's not CodeIgniter.

As I laid out in my post, many months ago, CodeIgniter needs to maintain its identity and I think Reactor is the method in which we can do so (and they need as much support as they can get). Otherwise, we may as well all run on over to the EE forums.

[quote author="phpserver" date="1297724597"]Two versions of codeigniter no matter how you call it will always be a little confusing to new users.[/quote]

I'm guilty of this. I clicked the download link (which says CI Reactor 2.0.0), but later when looking for it in my download folder, the zip file doesn't say Reactor or Core. I looked through it, and saw a "core" folder... and I'm wondering, "Did the download link for CI Reactor give me CI Core, or is that just the generic name of the folder with the core (lowercase) framework files?"

As Phil stated in the post to me the download from CodeIgniters web site is the Reactor version.

To get the latest version logon to bit bucket.


[eluser]Henry Weismann[/eluser]
Hey Everyone,

I love CI and I trust EL to do the right thing. The only thing that saddens me is to see so many people having it out on the forums and in blogs. Thats my only worry right now regarding CI. I just think there is a community trust thing going on right now.

CI code is beautiful and I am sure the "slow speed of development" (not that slow now) is only due to a painstaking process of what to let into reactor. They already told us Auth is in the works which is fine for me. I can wait for something done well. We all know EL is trying to make up for years of slow development but thats not going to happen over night....lets give them some time to figure things out. They are dealing with a new team of programmers, quality assurance, a dedication to the user guide, core(EE) and reactor compatibility requirments, overall roadmap etc etc.

I think a few blog posts have flared up some long time feelings in the community and now everyone is hating on EL. The constructive criticism was great and now we might need a reminder that it was only to help the community and that it still is a great framework and that it IS heading in the right direction.

There are some valid points like download confusion but some others are just angry outbursts.

I just want to say I trust CI and Ellis Lab. They are obviously trying to change course from the stagnation of the past lets not bite their heads of while the turn this 200 ton tanker onto it's new course.

I'm new to CodeIgniter development. I started using 1.7.2 few months before the CI 2.0 was released. Even though i'm new to the framework, I started using 2.0 with no problem. It wasn't confusing at all. From the announcement it was really clear to me that Reactor = Codeigniter.

I've been following the community, learning through the excellent documentation, video tutorials, listening to the few podcast episodes, learning by other developer's examples... and i know i'm gonna get a lot of projects done with this framework. So i agree with bkmorse, i'm very thankful to each and everyone that has contributed to the framework, especially thankful to the engineers that maintain it.

I also have to agree with Elliot Haughin's post, "If you want to have your say, then do it right".

Just letting everybody know my perspective as a new user...

Regards to All and Happy Valentines Day!

@Haughin, I don't blog buddy, I'm not trying to make anyone think I am better at things than I really am. But good luck to you.
@Wales, Thanks for chiming in with your support for the team however I don't see you contributing anything to this thread or Reactor other than that.

Once again I will say that I have not seen any discussion on improvements to CI's extensibility by the Reactor team, which I find disappointing.

[eluser]Michael Wales[/eluser]
Quote:@Wales, Thanks for chiming in with your support for the team however I don’t see you contributing anything to this thread or Reactor other than that.

Not enough time in the day, my friend. I think the 10 minutes I took to contribute to this thread (read: "chill out, at least CI is getting some attention now") is a sufficient contribution that represents my opinion.

Yes getting attention from, in my opinion, people who lack vision.

In business if a team doesn't perform do you sit idly by while it flounders? I think not.

And I am just not prone to saying less than I think.

Wow! Talk about uproar!
And I know about doing support and development work on CI for free Smile I've spent so much time on these boards trying to help people out I've not been doing paying work. Sad And I started here to find resources and advice for my own projects (which I have been getting). I've literally been in the IT field, both hardware and software, since the late 1970s. And what I've seen of the CodeIgniter framework, both the software and the documentation, plus the level of community has been outstanding.
@wiredesignz What issues do you think need urgent attention? I know you have been short on time to fix these things yourself. Just the amount of unpaid support you give here is significant timewise.

[eluser]Rick Jolly[/eluser]
This is quite the reunion. Wired has always been a step ahead of the framework and truth is he outgrew it long ago. It's just that we seniors are a stubborn lot. Anyone seen Esra or Mirage? When is CI Lee getting here? He owes me money.

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