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HTTP digest authentication with Phil Sturgeon's rest client failing

Hey folks, this is almost certainly user error.

I'm trying to use Phil Sturgeon's HTTP client library in order to authenticate my app with an existing HTTP digest API. i don't seem to be able to get anything other than a 401, and I'm in a bit over my head.

I"ve been var_dumping left and right and can't seem to find the info I'm looking for. Here's my most basic code, which I can't get past.

$this->load->library('rest', array(
           'server' => 'base_url_to_api_server',
           'http_user' => md5('user_id_here'),
           'http_pass' => md5('user_pass_here'),
           'http_auth' => 'digest'
        $response = $this->rest->get($api_url);
        echo $response;

But all I'm getting is a 401. I'm expecting some sort of challenge back from the server, from which I can construct a response and try another GET.

Am i just on another planet?

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