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Outputing a list from 3 tables

Hey everyone, I just trying to print out some data in a particular format, and I was hoping for a standard way of doing this with CI, utilizing OO principles. First let me describe my tables, a simple M:M relationship:

- id_candidate
- name
- id_position
- title
- id_position
- id_candidate

And I'd like to print my output like this:

HR Representatives
- Aaron Aaronson
- Bob Bobson
- Charles Charleston
- Dave Davidson


My models reflect the corresponding database table, with an array of the table fields and methods to access them, along with any other methods to run related queries.

I can already create this format like this in my model:

$positions_query = $this->_db_model->query("SELECT id_position,title FROM positions");    

$positions_result = $positions_query->result();
$candidates_query = $this->_db_model->query("SELECT candidates.id_candidate,firstname, lastname, uploads, id_position FROM candidates INNER JOIN candidate_positions
ON candidate_positions.id_candidate = candidates.id_candidate
$candidates_result = $candidates_query->result();
$result_array = array('positions_result' => $positions_result,'candidates_result' => $candidates_result) ;
return $result_array;

This is obviously ugly and stupid. Is there a more OO approach? Any help would be appreciated.

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