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Calling a view - Interesting Problem


I have a written a website (only hmtl + js) before I met codeigniter. Now I want to use it on CI. However, the problem is, the style is a little bit crashing on all Internet Explores versions, when I call it as a view (like $this->load->view('mainpage').

But when I open it as a normal html, everything works fine on all browsers. What can be the problem ?

Thanks in advance.

Quote:the style is a little bit crashing

Could you describe the problem more detailed? Is it just that
letters are not displayed correctly or are images missing or
css styles not loaded ..

Did you compare the parsed source in your browser view?

[eluser]Rein Van Oyen[/eluser]
Or do you see any errors? If yes; which one?

It is probably your js and CSS pathsin the header of your view!


The examples are both running on same browser. They give me same source code but looking different as you see in below. Probably I will create the template at the beginning and will check step by step.

The one which is working on CI -> http://i51.tinypic.com/2n832v7.jpg

The other one -> http://i52.tinypic.com/jqnuxe.jpg

Thanks for your all interest.

The one left aligned must be missing the center wrapper div.

Use code tags and show us your html and codeigniter view code.


The one wihout CI : http://codepaste.net/9h1gsw

With CI : http://codepaste.net/owm7a7

I couldnt add these codes to here because it gives an error like :

Error Message

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