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Admin generators for CI2?

I've been playing around with Django over the weekend and I must say it's admin-out-of-the-box thing is pretty cool and makes development a lot faster; but I'm saddened to see that CI2.0 still doesn't have an admin generator (Sympony and YII do) and still does not have a CI-recommended Auth layer, ORM, or in-built HMVC (modular apps) from the get go and I **still** have to do this heavy lifting myself.

I've been looking at using DataMapper, or Doctrine; but these just handle the ORM stuff and not admin-generator stuff. I do not want to be writing the admin/CRUD stuff myself, it's boring and takes me away from actually doing the app.

I'm wondering therefore what steps, if any, CI2.0 will be making towards admin generators, a CI-backed ORM, Auth Layer, etc.


[eluser]Phil Sturgeon[/eluser]
Hi gh0st,

You have used the word "still" a few times, like these are the things that every framework has to have to stay relevant, is that really the case? I know other frameworks have them such as Rails, Django and FuelPHP but these frameworks try much harder to become a "everything you could ever need to make everything" frameworks, instead of a lightweight development core that CodeIgniter is.

Auth, ORM, HMVC and code-generators are all popularly requested features on the UserVoice but Auth is the only one so far to get a thumbs up. There are several stages to getting a feature in: discuss the pro's and con's, the use-cases, does it match the CodeIgniter philosophy, etc, then even when it does get the green light we need to work out the implementation and build it. Then we also have to maintain it, which detracts time from the rest of the codebase.

The answer with Auth, HMVC and ORM has always been "if you want it, install it" and for now that is the same answer really.

Not an official "EllisLab" answer, just the way I see it.

Last time I saw web page with voting for codeigniter's next features and admin generator was one of the most voted.
So maybe after a few months ?

btw: can't find this page anymore...

[eluser]Phil Sturgeon[/eluser]
I linked to it in my last post.


That is the top list, of which you have named the top 4. That said the sheer number of votes (divide by 3 to get a more accurate number of voters) is not always an accurate representation of what the community want. You can vote up, but not down. These are simply the features we should be most aware of, and trust me we are aware.

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