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basic URL routing

Hi all,

I have already forgot, about how the CodeIgniter works

as long as I remember, CodeIgniter didn't allow direct url link, such as :

So, what I would like to ask is :

If I have welcome_message.php ( View type in MVC )
and there are 5 links insides ..

How can I redirect them ? Thx

Hi RaiNnTeaRs,

Just like that :
// Use base_url() if you want an absolute URL
// Then after index.php (required if you did'nt use an .htaccess)
//     use the controller name and the function name
$my_link = base_url().'index.php/members/edit/';

Ah i c.. thx,my mistake is because I thought because I've changed the controller's filename , I ought to change how to call them too..

Thx bro

You're welcome. ;-)

I'd personally recommend site_url()...

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