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i cant upload any thing except picture

[eluser]Sara rad[/eluser]
hi Smile

i want upload psd , zip , rar , cdr and ai formay but i cant do this .

im set allowed types to :

$config['allowed_types'] = 'psd|zip|rar|cdr|ai';

but this dont work . :-S

sorry for my bad english . :zip:

any help !?


Hmm.. I don't know. Make sure you don't set a width or height limit.

[eluser]Sara rad[/eluser]
ops ! for this types i must set width and height ?

Nope. Check the configuration array, and make sure the upload path is valid.
If you are using Linux, check the directory permissions

[eluser]Sara rad[/eluser]
every thing is ok , showed error is for not allowed types .

Hmm. Sometimes the configuration array is overwritten when copying code, and the values are lost : )

(Check if ['allowed_types'] is being overwritten)

[quote author="Sara rad" date="1300220128"]every thing is ok , showed error is for not allowed types .[/quote]

So we've established what the error isn't, any interest in sharing what it is?

[eluser]Sara rad[/eluser]
Error : The filetype you are attempting to upload is not allowed.

make sure the file type you are trying to upload is in application/config/mimes.php

'rar' and 'cdr' are NOT in the mimes config.

You can also do:
$config['allowed_types'] = '*';

but that's not exactly ideal.

[eluser]Sara rad[/eluser]
i cant upload any thing except picture ! i test zip file but my script can't upload this type of files too .

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