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Issue with including a file in codeigniter folder from root

Hey everyone,
I just started working with CodeIgniter today and the biggest reason I chose it was because of the community.. Ok, I apologize if its a newb question but I'm relatively new to PHP and brand spanking new to CodeIgniter so this is what I have..

In the root directory of my website I have my index.php file, and in the file I'm trying to call a controller that is in the ci/application/controllers folder on my root.

If I just put the whole "sitename.com/ci/index.php/site/myFunction" in the URL bar, I'm getting what I'm looking to see, but when I try to include in my index.php (my homepage) I
'm getting a "include(blah blah):failed to open stream: Not a directory in /home/user/public_html/index.php" error.

My include is set as: include("ci/index.php/site/");

Is there a way to get this to display?


You do not include that in index.php, index.php loads the defaulr controller set in application/config/routes.php

That's the controller that index.php will run.


Ok I think I understand that.. than what should I have as my include to call that controllers function?

Maybe ill explain a little more..

As a representation in a tree format:

These are files and folders in my root ((f) will represent a folder):
->site.php (this has a method that im trying to call outside of the ci folder)
-index.php (this is where i call the include(/ci/site.php))

I mean since its not working I know there is something wrong but Im just not sure if im missing something I need to add in or whatnot.. does this help a little more explaining?

edit the application/config/routes.php

If site is your default controller then put that in the routes.php default controller


Thanks for your help by the way..

I still dont have it working, I changed the routes.php and changed my include to include("/ci/");
but now its says :
Failed opening '/ci/' for inclusion (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php') in /home/user/public_html/index.php

Take the include out you do not need it!


but the index.php i have that is trying to reference that function is not in the ci folder.. how else would i reference that?

Then explain what your trying to do! It sounds like your not even using the CodeIgniter index.php

CodeIgniters index.php runs everything in CodeIgniter.


Ok, I plan on using codeigniter for a blog, so in my root for my site I have the following files and folders
(f)ci (this is my codeigniter folder)
-index.php (this is the main page of my site)

Im trying to have my main site read in a feed from my codeigniter blog, so my index.php that I keep referencing is not in, nor is associated with the codeigniter index.php.. two completely different things
in my ci folder, I have my controller to display exactly what i want to display on my main site as my feed.. how do I (if its possible) get that controller I made in the codeigniter folder to be displayed on my main site.. I was under the impression it was an include call

Did this help a little bit?

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