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Uploadify_max, a library for image manipulation


So I've been using a combo of jCrop, uploadify and image_lib to make a nice UI for people to upload and crop images, create different sizes and thumbs. I've used it on a few projects, and now have put into some semblance of a library so other people can use it.

It's early days, so I'd love people to have a look, test and critique so I can end up making a full version.

Demo, and explanation, here:


A zip of the early version is at:


Look forward to hearing your thoughts...

What's the browser compatibility for this?

This has jCrop problems with Firefox, that I'm trying to iron out.

I've tested for the latest Chrome, IE & Safari.

Edit: The jCrop problem has been fixed, in firefox 3 & 4.

This work with multiple file uploads?

It doesn't have uploadify's multiple file uploads functionality, but it could do, if it's deemed useful.

I see it as this: as you have to crop each image I thought it would make sense to have individual upload forms for each image. You can put as many of these on a page as you want. This seems better to me than being greeted with a crop window, then another, then another, depending on how many you've uploaded at once. This seems like a poor flow to me.

All options are currently explained in the comments of the library file, including restricted options on both the Uploadify & Jcrop's APIs.

Apologies for bumpage, would really appreciate some feedback on this?


This library looks great. I'm going to give it a try and I'll let you know how it goes.


For some reason when i use this amazing library it doesnt return the crop and gives me a 500 internal error when it attempts to access image_return, says "The action you have requested is not allowed." any ideas?

For me the file upload works, but after that nothing happens, I mean it should popup the crop window. Should I set something more than in the "Simple setup", to get the Jcrop work? I tried on FF5 and Chrome and same result.
(I don't have the server error as above)

Hi guys, i have problem with the uploadify_max library. I want to get the name of the cropped image (thumbfilename) and send to the model to update my database but i can't, nothing happens. Every piece of code i add to the library even a single ECHO command it crops the image and puts it in the upload folder but it don't put the thumb image.

I don't know how to get the thumbfilename and put it in my database. Any suggestions ?


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