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CI Reactor 2.0.2 is a disaster

[eluser]Phil Sturgeon[/eluser]
I have no idea what the XSS issue was that forced 2.0.2 to be released so I wouldn't like to answer that. If it was anything I did I'm sure Pascal would have enjoyed ripping on me over Skype. ;-)

Official word to anyone wanting to use 2.0.2 and who knows enough about Hg: use the tip for now. When 2.0.3 comes out we'll be making it as stable as possible, and from that point on the tip should always aim to be the most stable version of CI. right now it is the bleeding edge, which is not the best way for this to work.

[eluser]Eric Cope[/eluser]
Does the reactor team have a plan for required testing for each release? I'd be interested in growing both unit testing and integration testing for the framework.

[eluser]Joël Cox[/eluser]
[quote author="Eric Cope" date="1302775624"]Does the reactor team have a plan for required testing for each release? I'd be interested in growing both unit testing and integration testing for the framework.[/quote]

This has been discussed on IRC (but not by Reactor Engineers, per se), but it boils down to the following two things:
- It's an amazing load of work to provide test coverage for every feature in the framework (and surely not the most glamorous part). I actually started writing some tests for the framework a few months back and it really is a tedious job.
- There are plans to get PHPunit integrated with Reactor. Personally, I think it's better to wait writing those tests until a more mature unit testing framework is available, compared to the current unit test class in CI.

That being said, I'd wouldn't mind helping out writing those unit tests when needed.

[eluser]Eric Cope[/eluser]
I'm interested in bringing this framework towards a more enterprise level. The only way is testing. I think if we integrate PHPUnit and PHPCov, we will be much further along than where we are. If we run a CI server, it will be easy to know when we are release ready. If we can get Reactor team support, I'll head this up.

Here are great list of tools to start with:

[url= https://github.com/sebastianbergmann]htt...anbergmann[/url]

[eluser]Pascal Kriete[/eluser]
Quote:BTW does anybody know the security issue affects CI 1.7 or not?
Or detail of the security issue?

We do not detail security issues due to our large install base. Not everyone upgrades right away - or at all. This was an existing issue and not a bug introduced recently, so it's safe to assume that it affects previous versions. It's also obscure enough not to warrant panic, but it's a security issue none the less.

Quote:If they do not want to help then get rid of them and find some others
that want to help.

As Kenny mentioned, we have had an opening for a while now. Anyone is welcome to apply. We are very lucky with who we currently have. They are some of the brightest this community has to offer. Finding capable volunteers is not as easy as it sounds.

Quote:I’m sure Pascal would have enjoyed ripping on me over Skype.
Hey now! :lol:

Quote:Does the reactor team have a plan for required testing for each release? I’d be interested in growing both unit testing and integration testing for the framework.

Testing is at the top of our list. We've settled on phpunit for unit testing, but the integration needs a little more work. Beyond unit testing architectural code we are also looking into higher level testing approaches such as watir and cucumber. These things are way overdue.

The issues with this release definitely can not be attributed to the reactor team. In fact, the problems are not unique to CodeIgniter; this release did not go well on any of our products. We goofed, and we are acutely aware of that. There is plenty to be learned from situations like this and trust me that it won't go ignored.

I know it's easy to objectify groups of people, but they are still people, so let's keep criticism constructive please.

To be honest, im very scared that this is not yet fixed.

Its been 2months or so since this bug was spotted and 2.0.2 is still the newest release!

Note that there have been fixes released for 2.0.2 - if you pull up the OP's bug reports, 2 of the bugs are fixed. I'm not sure why the version number hasn't been incremented - anyone know if the version available for zipped download has those changes or if it's only people pulling it from the repo that have them? (No time to check myself atm, sorry).

Just downloaded 2.0.2

An Error Was Encountered
Unable to load the requested driver: CI_Cache_apc

I had used CI, the 1.7.2 release prior to 2.0.2 but hadn't really touched it in a while since a lot of my coding recently was 100% HTML/JS and some iPhone stuff.

I was ready to undertake a rather large project and was headed back to Codeigniter to get the recent download and then was alerted here. I was trying to direct my staff to go to CI while they were telling me to go to Symfony 2. Now I know why.

Just from perusing through this post, it seems that there isn't very good project management, and no one is taking accountability for the issues. That's the death of any project. Maybe CI isn't that important anymore to the group, but what's bad is that your developers out here are pretty antsy now about involving CI as a medium to long term viable option. Who wants to deploy a solution that's going to massively break when a major release is done?

I do hope this gets resolved, because CI offers a lot of great features, but Symfony 2 just went speeding by and if it weren't for the fact that they REQUIRE php 5.3.2, it would be a no-brainer choice.

Using the latest version of CI, the sessions library is broken using database sessions. I even applied to become a part of the Reactor team to help out (I've contributed a few libraries) and didn't hear anything back. What a joke.

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