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Question about Email library and bcc_batch_mode


There's not much documentation about the bcc_batch_mode config. I know that it's self-explanatory, ie. enable batch mode (bcc_batch_mode=TRUE) and set the batch size (bcc_batch_size=100).

My questions:
Does bcc_batch_mode eliminate the need for a conventional Mail Queue, where the mails are sent "silently" via a cronjob? It surely seems to imply this.
What is the best option (mail, sendmail, smtp) for sending, say 1000+ emails when using bcc_batch_mode, and is it rock-solid and robust?

If anyone has experience using the above, your comments would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Did you ever figure this out?

I have the same issue, I need to send large number of emails.
And as you have said, there is not much documentation, although the name seems to suggest that it will be helpful.


All bcc_batch_mode does is takes your large array of BCC addresses, checks to see if the number of addresses is higher than the bcc_batch_size, and if so, breaks up the addresses into chunks of that size and sends the appropriate number of emails.

For example, if you have 900 BCC addresses, and a batch limit of 100, it will call send 9 emails each with 100 BCC addresses.

Large number of BCC addresses is not recommended. It's far more likely to be picked up as spam, and you cannot use any personalization. I'd recommend either setting up a cron or loop to send each individually, or using a suitable email service such as Campaign Monitor, MailChimp or similar.

Thank you very much for your reply.

Do you mind if I ask... Is this the same for SMTP protocol as it is for "sendmail"?

The BCC batch function itself is the same regardless of what resource is used to send the emails.

BCC emails are handled differently between SMTP and everything else. All except SMTP simply set a BCC header. SMTP itself loops through the list of BCC recipients and sends a "RCPT TO:" command, exactly the same as the "to" recipient.

I would think about using BBC, because you will be sending the emails to everyone including email addresses!

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