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How to get started

Hi my name is Greg. I'm fairly new to php, and web development in general. I've done a fair amount of OOP as a Flash developer, but all the php I've written has been very basic. I've done just enough to know I have a lot to learn. I just downloaded Reactor today and watched the tutorials, and realized I have even more to learn, but that I'm in a unique position to learn fresh. I recently got a project to build an online catalog and I think it will be an ideal learning project. I've started building the database for one category of products and created the basic design, now comes the fun part.

I looking for sage advice for a newbie starting his first MVC project using codeigniter.

-When you started using Reactor what mistakes did you make that I should avoid?
-What do you wish you knew when you started developing in php?
-What are some good resources?
-What are the biggest pitfalls and things to avoid?
-...and any other helpful advice

I know this is rather broad, and may have been asked before (if so point me to other threads), but I'm sure a thread like this could be useful to many.

Thanks in advance. I look forward to learning a lot and being as useful to this community as I can, as my skills grow.

I just found the "codeigniter from scratch" series. It looks exactly like what I need, but I'd love any other pearls of wisdom that can help a beginner.

Hello greg.

[quote author="Greg Iz" date="1302645460"]What do you wish you knew when you started developing in php?[/quote]
If you're really new, then i suggest you learn about 'type' in php in the first place. That will include stuff like 'string', 'boolean', 'integer' but (the most) important from them, is 'array' and 'object'. Once you mastering them, and have good knowledge about it, then you're ready to go to 'Class', 'Function' and other concept.
[quote author="Greg Iz" date="1302645460"]What are some good resources?[/quote]
For developing CI?
First, of course user guide.
Second, the forum.
Thats all. You can found bunch of site, which have a good ci resource, but if you find in that site, ussually you'll find it here too. Oh, one more things, you can reference to 'php.net' for your 'php' dictionary. They have downloadable version too.

Happy coding! Smile

[eluser]Rok Biderman[/eluser]
Nettuts series is fine, but you can find some more tuts here if you feel like it:


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