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Weird problem trying to create/update a table with Model function

I just realized in these posts I've been using WHERE when it should've been SELECT. My mistake. I made changes to all my posts to reflect that.

Try this before you get your game data, this is an undocumented call!
But it does solve some problems, the db saves queries!
// not sure if this is the correct way of setting it! You may need to place it at the top.
$this->db->save_queries = FALSE;


Ok. I will definitely try that. Where exactly would I put that code? In the Controller or the Model?

Befor you start using your queries.


I think I get you: Put it at the top of every function in the Model that is using queries (in order to make sure they don't persist into other functions...?).

I'm wondering if perhaps there is another way that you have found is better to get some(but not all) data from one table and insert it into another table...Is the code I'm using correct or is there perhaps another way of doing it. Perhaps there's some direction in the User Guide that I've missed...Anyway, I'll also continue to see if the snippet of code you sent will help out.

I tried that code in various places and it doesn't seem to be helping...If there's a specific place in the model code you think might be best I'd love to hear it...but with the places I put it it didn't work.

So frustrating...

Is there perhaps a different way I can Insert specific data from an existing table into a newly created table?

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