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Help for emial class

Hello good day,i will be glad if anyone can help me out to fix this bug,i has given me sleepless nights since last sunday and am yet to figure out what could be the cause.

I used CI for a project and it has really been working perfectly earlier for almost a year now,and the system is no more working properly what could have been the cause please,can i anyone help.

This is how it works,it get subscribers datas and send out email to them all at once but now is no more working,instead it will rather redirects a blank page to me.

Here is the code that does the work in my controller folder

function sendemail($emailmsg, $emailaddr, $subject, $name, $sender_email, $userid, $email_id='', $attachment1='', $attachment2='', $campaign_id='') {
$param_data_email = array('email_message'=>$emailmsg,
thread_page('/email_scheduler', hostname_from_url(base_url()), 'POST', array2param($param_data_email));

Is this upgrade version issue?

Thanks for your immediate response. Okay s it because am using the older version or what? so what and what do i have to add or remove from the url_helper or libarary?

I want to know, are you experienced this problems after upgrade to latest version?

No,am still using 1.7.3, anything that can help me?

If you're using email class function in loop (foreach or while) statement, make sure you give some error flag. I suspect, it might be that the email class is break in somewhere on your loop statement.

Post your code on controller or corresponding section, will be help to identify the problems(or even bug).

Initializes all the email variables to an empty state. This function is intended for use if you run the email sending function in a loop, permitting the data to be reset between cycles.


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