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Parsing Database Results

I realize that there is a section in the user guide about this, but I'm trying to parse database results but with a little more to it.

This is my controller:
$query = $this->db->query("
            SELECT *
            FROM albums
            WHERE author_id = ".$member['id']."
            ORDER BY id DESC LIMIT 5");
        $albums = array();
        foreach($query->result_array() as $album){
            $author = $this->member->context($album['author_id']);
                $query2 = $this->db->query("
                    SELECT *
                    FROM photos
                    WHERE album_id = ".$album['id']."
                    ORDER BY RAND()
                    LIMIT 1");
                $cover = $query2->row_array();
            $member_album = array(
                        'ALBUM_ID' => $album['id'],
                        'ALBUM_TITLE' => $album['title'],
                        'ALBUM_DESCRIPTION' => nl2br(htmlspecialchars($album['description'])),
                        'ALBUM_LINK' => anchor('gallery/albums/'.url_title($album['title']).'/'.$album['id'], $album['title']),
                        'ALBUM_COVER' => anchor('gallery/photos/'.url_title($cover['title']).'/'.$cover['id'], "<img src='".base_url()."/attachments/".$cover[' width='295' height='150' title='".$album['>"),
                        'ALBUM_POST_DATE' => date('M jS, Y', $album['date_posted'])
            $albums = array_merge($albums, $member_album);
        $data = array(
                'MEMBER_ALBUMS' => $albums
        $this->parser->parse('gallery/gallery_index.tpl', $data);

All the code does is display the variables as is. When I print the array, it displays just like the user guide example arrays do.

You're just merging an array with an empty array, what are you expecting to happen?

I'm trying to create an array that looks like the one in the user guide. But if I use $member_album[] that will mess it up.

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