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Loading Jquery plugins & documentation issues, and Spry.

Hi. New to CI (but lurker here for a while).

Been reviewing the Javascript class; setting the path to Jquery in the config file is clear enough. But what about the UI library and other plugins? And any css files? Right now I'm handling Jquery's CSS like I handle my CSS, using link_tag() and setting a variable in my controller.

I did a google search and saw some code for a script_tag() function, but that requires me to edit core files, which I'd rather not.

Second question. The documentation is unfinished; missing tablesorter(), modal(), & calendar(). Of course, those 3 are the plugins I use the most. Reviewing the code to the class I noticed that those functions (and a few others) are also unfinished. Is there a timeline of when those functions will be complete?

So what's my best course here? I'm thinking - ignoring the JS class until it's finished and writing my JS in the views directly? Or should I continue with a hodge-podge approach? How do you guys handle your JS in your projects?

PS: Spry. Ok don't laugh... but I LOVE Spry's form handling.. nice colors and easy peasy to write. I doubt I'll ever see CI with a Spry class. but has someone written anything they'd like to share?

-Thanks for your help...

[eluser]Mr. Pickle[/eluser]
I just use the Carabiner library to manage the JS and CSS I want for a certain page.

Adding a JS is very simple:
Carabiner recognizes any external scripts if you correctly use the full path. Local scripts are looked for in the directory you set in the Carabiner config file.

Displaying the JS in your view file:

More functionalities are available but have a look yourself.

Can't be of any assistance concerning Spry. I only use jQuery.

Thanks.. exactly what I needed.

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