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[eluser]Brad Martin[/eluser]
So I've been working on a billing engine very similar to whmcs and plesk billing but more tailored to website designers & coders rather then web hosts. Say that it still contains server management its just not focusing on it as its core purpose.

Im unsure yet of how ill actually make money from the app and if it will be free or a paid app.

So my question is should i make the app open source or closed ?

Im a little bit unsure as of which way to go and my main concern is that for all the hard work I've put into the app (3 years) if i go with open source i dont want to be screwed by people who think its ok to pirate the software.

There are a few unique features to the system in the field of social networking that are run from the cloud which require the software to be authenticated in order to use them however if the app is open source I'm sure there would be an easy way to override this. So I'm leaning more towards closed even tho myself i love open source.

So any thoughts on the subject or links to GOOD articles on the subject would be greatly helpful!


[eluser]Josh Holloway[/eluser]
I'd go with a half and half approach... one; the free version has x amount of features but to get these goodies you've got to pay...

It's entirely up-to you though. If you believe what you've made is worth money, then charge for it. You'll soon know if people don't agree.

You could start out with it being paid and offer a money back guarantee. That way, if people feel it's not up-to scratch they won't be too put off.

Just my two cents worth Smile

[eluser]Brad Martin[/eluser]

I think half half is good. There are a few major features that are handled on my server as a posed to the app itself so maybe i can make these features paid features.

But I'm still not sure about open source vs closed?

at least from a making money point of view. open source wins all the way for everything else. Ive heard of companies that make there software open source but they charge a hole lot more for the software so that by the time any piracy of there programs etc has occurred they have already made there money. Anyone got any thoughts on that as well ?

[quote author="Brad Martin" date="1304700183"]if i go with open source i dont want to be screwed by people who think its ok to pirate the software.[/quote]

Ummm... what? Then why make it open source? Do you understand the point of open source software?

I'm not so sure I see anything wrong with the open core model. Keep the core of your app free and open source, and sell the modules which provide the good functionality.

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