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xCIDeveloper 0.56 can't load model

No problem. Yeah, I know that there are those two sides. And I don't even need to send the code, because you know there is some defaul code when you create a component using xCIDeveloper, right? And what is interesting that it does not work for me already, without making changes. But now I am not paying attention to it because the project was assigned to different person, so no waste time.

Anyway, thanks for responses.

[eluser]gowrav vishwakarma[/eluser]
[quote author="toopay" date="1305384051"][quote author="gowrav vishwakarma" date="1305362991"][quote author="toopay" date="1305219635"]Oh. Okey. But, can you explain to me, why someone work with two different tools/framework like that?[/quote]
because both have their own plus and minus, we want to use all plus. Joomla is very good and easy CMS, user management, site content management and a huge library of extensions are eady available but when it comes to customized extensions we have to leave all the other functionality because joomla framework is not charming as CI, once a person starts developing in CI he/she rarely like any other platform. with this we can continue with joomla with our existing skills.

So I made this extension. Next version will be with Bytecode encryption. means now your extension can be directly source safe.[/quote]

And i dont mind, and even appreciated your time. I also did not stated, if Joomla as a framework(if it can categorized as framework, rather than CMS), is ugly ones. Maybe you take my OWN PERSONAL opinion too much.

But, if you want to know, what behind that (once again) PERSONAL OPINION, then i will give you some words here, or more precisely, a question.

How we can maintain, the consistence of our coding standard? Since they are a different framework, with each have their own convention respectively. This is basic principle, isn't it?

And, if there any chance, that some business case that argue : "But...they want site to be build with Joomla", than PERSONALLY, i will write anything of my customer needs, in its framework . And don't be mistaken, i have a long nice time, with Joomla, until these days. But, as i stated, "A" is "A", "B" is "B". I just can't to spell "A" with "B".[/quote]

With regards, no I it was not personal. First I made this for CI developers not for Joomla lovers. Joomla developers are well known to joomla and they don't need this at all. But CI Developers are in need of some sort of good cms for their routine working for sites so. its for CI developers who are good in CI and just for a CMS don't want to learn new framework. thats it. And I am happy CI Developers are liking it.

[eluser]gowrav vishwakarma[/eluser]
Now Develop for Joomla in CodeIgniter, xCIDeveloper 0.6 released. installs in Joomla 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7 in same way and components developed in xCI works same in any of joomla version. http://www.xavoc.com/

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