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Weird Bug "From" word goes 404 page


I just encounter some weird bug that I found on the CI. Where when I try to save a long text and when there is a word "from" It goes to 404 not on the form action....

Any idea? but when I tried it on the local host it does work.. Is there something wrong with the host provider or?


Can you post your view and controller together with the long text that causes the issue? Weird one..


I'm using codeiginter ver. 1.8.7 and use Doctrine plugin for ORM. Though I made try on the localhost and it works okay but when I put it on the hosting that how it shows. Is it maybe on the hosting or so?

Here is the code:

function edit_pagecontents($id){
        if (isset($this->admin)) {                
            if ($this->input->server('REQUEST_METHOD') == "POST"){
                if($content = Doctrine::getTable('PageContents')->findOneById($id)){
                    $pcontent = $this->input->post('page_content');    
                    $content->page_title = $this->input->post('page_title');
                    $content->page_content = $pcontent;
                    $content->last_edit = date('Y-m-d H:i:s');
                    echo "[removed]parent.$.fancybox.close();[removed]";
                $config['page'] = Doctrine::getTable('PageContents')->findOneById($id);
                $this->load->view('admin/edit_page_content.php', $config);        

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