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Error while implementing fckeditor

I am implementing fckeditor with CI 2.0.2 but getting this error


You don't have permission to access /system/plugins/fckeditor/editor/fckeditor.html on this server

please can anyone help?

Sounds like you don't have permission to access that file on your server.

Might try checking your file and dir permissions first, see if it helps

I have 777 permission to whole directory then also it not works

try to relocate the plugin to a folder outside the "system" folder, perhaps there's a configuration blocking access to files on that folder... (Yeah, I know it doesn't make much sense though..)

Still not working

It sounds like a system configuration problem, not a CodeIgniter one. You really aren't giving us much info to help you with.

You should talk to your host provider or sysadmin for your server. If they can't help you, seek out a forum that deals with either fckeditor or general web server issues.

It's unlikely you'll get much help from here, unless someone just happens to know from past experience

Actually the same code is working on CI 1.7.3 version but not on 2.0.2

well, you might try giving us ALL your details in one post.

you've clearly got something configured incorrectly - you should sit down and compare the two installations

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