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Re-populating forms

I have set up a form using the form-helper syntax and the input looks like this:

echo form_input('username','','id="username"');

and I want to repopulate it with POST array data. I'm assuming you have to use set_value(). The user guide shows you how to do it when you're not using the form helper but I can't find how to do it with the form helper.

I've tried this:

echo form_input('username','','id="username",value="set_value('username')"');

but it doesn't work, and neither does this:

echo form_input('username','set_value('username')','id="username"');

Can anyone put me wise?

It is important that you are using form_validation for this, as that class is managing form re-populating.

See: http://ellislab.com/codeigniter/user-gui...latingform

echo form_input('username','set_value('username')','id="username"');

Should be:

echo form_input("username","set_value('username')","id='username'");


Many thanks for your response.

I understand your point about the quotes and used your code snippet but all that happened was that the words set_value('username') appeared in the input box rather than the POST array value. What I did in the end was to say:

$un = set_value('username');

and put $un in the expression. That seemed to work.

Many many thanks for your help

Did you try this?
echo form_input('username',set_value('username'),'id="username"');
If you want to use the output of a function as an input param in another function you cannot wrap it in quotes, because the quotes denote a string of text.

I hadn't tried it but I have now - works great! Thanks again.

Why is that not in the user guide I wonder? Maybe it is and I'm too blind to see but I've had a good search.

[quote author="Perkin5" date="1310181850"]
Why is that not in the user guide I wonder? Maybe it is and I'm too blind to see but I've had a good search.[/quote]
Yes, the documentation could do a better job of integrating the form helper and form validation examples. But, not putting a function call in quotes is just basic PHP...

Friday Freebie reminder: set_value() has an optional second parameter to set a default value: set_value('favorite_day_of_the_work_week', 'Friday')

Oh Boy - Santa Claus came early! What a great tip!

I admit I'm not so hot on PHP which is why I prefer to use Codeigniter - I know what you're going to say - I should have had a good knowledge of PHP before I started. But with the excellent user guide and the help of fantastic guys like you, actually I'm doing OK.

May the force be with you!

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