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Book Online & Payment System

Hi there,
Bear in mind that Enterprise don't take any money on the website! You can book the car-hire but payment is always done in person during collection.

Paypal is the cheapest and easiest - no setup fees, and it should be possible to write a cron job that initiates an API call to Paypal each week to transfer any funds direct to the clients bank .. not 100% sure on the Paypal API but I think it can be done. I *believe* Google Checkout takes card payments and pays direct to a bank within 7 working days. Its a while since I used it though, so it could have changed.

Any credit card system will require a merchant account (which usually has set up fees, plus an ongoing minimum monthly fee - usually £25-£40 per month), and will take 2-4 weeks to set up - no way around that one. I believe in the UK WorldPay do a combined online system/merchant account. If you use any provider other than WorldPay, for the merchant account, suggest linking to SagePay as the card handling company (you have to have one of these - either SagePay or Worldpay etc..). SagePay is good and reliable, but will add an extra £20 fee per month to the costs.

At the end of the day, your clients need to look at what they are proposing to gain income wise. If its under £60 a month EVERY month, then go with Google Checkout or Paypal its cost-effective ... if its more then at least they will cover their costs.

All of the systems mentioned above can easily be implemented using CI.

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