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Book Online & Payment System

Hi Guys,

I'm currently doing a website for someone and they want a section on the website where the customer can book a test drive of a bike and pay for it online.

What is the best way to do this?

Can anyone point me in the right direction please.

Thanks in advance


Give PayPal a go. A good start is their "Website Payments Standard" - it's free and easy to set up. You could also look into Google Checkout. What type quality-volume are you looking to have? High quality, low volume?

Yes am thinking Paypal but they people am doing this for I have visions they will want the money for a customer hiring a bike straight to there bank account.

Volume wise not sure i would not very high on a scale between 1-10 I would say 2-3 maybe 4 max.

A bit like what these do - https://www.enterprise.co.uk/car_rental/renterinfo.do

PayPal allows you to transfer money into your bank account. Take a look at the various services that they offer.

Your choice of payment processor should depend your type of traffic (the amount of sales per day and the price per sale) as pricing models vary hugely depending on those models. Picking the wrong model can cause you to lose a lot of money. Google to know more about this.

The company *could* always create their own internet merchant account and handle credit card processing themselves although that is quite tedious, involves lots more work and relatively expensive given your type of traffic. You're best off to use an intermediary. Contact your bank and see whether they have payment solutions with their business customers.

Yes I am fully aware of how Paypal works and me personally think that would be the best way has it's more secure then anything, but clients choice at the end of the day. Just wondered if anyone on the forums had experianced this type of system before like the Enterprise website.

In that case, your client should talk to their bank. I know that Bank of Ireland offer merchant services, although I believe that they are a pain to get up and running.

Your client will need to sign up for a merchant account in order to be able to accept credit cards, then you'll need to integrate it somehow. Depending on what merchant account you use, some will have code libraries available to use, others you'll need to integrate entirely on your own. There's a lot to it, very hard for someone to sit here and tell you everything you'll need.

I suggest doing some research into how the payment process behind e-commerce works, see if you can find how some people have integrated various merchant accounts with CodeIgniter, and go from there.

I've been involved with several CI projects where I've used Authorize.net as well as a couple with PayPal Direct Payments or Website Payments Pro. In each of these cases, I helped the client apply and gain approval for the merchant accounts and developed the code for the credit card transactions.

There will be certain requirements that you'll need on your website to remain on it instead of redirecting to the payment processor's site and returning to their site based upon approval, cancellation of the process or a decline. Prior to merchant account approval, you'll have to display privacy, shipping, cancellation and return policies, but they are easy to obtain or cannibalize and display on your site.

On your hosting account, you'll need cURL enabled as well as a unique/dedicated IP address and an SSL certificate. Some hosting companies provide a package for this at a decent rate, or you can pay for the IP address and secure the SSL certificate from a company such as Thawte. It's not too difficult to set these things up or Thawte and/or your hosting company should be able to help you get through the process or establishing and setting up your account.

If they go with PayPal's cheaper solution, the costs are minor. If they use a more secure method, they'll incur annual renewal fees, monthly gateway processing fees and per transaction fees, so they'll have to determine whether it will be worth the level of sales that they'll generate. For two of my most recent projects, monthly gateway fees were $14,95 and $30 respectively, but I believe those fees were based upon their anticipated monthly sales and possibly their type of corporation (non-profit vs for-profit, etc.).

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