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I wonder if anyone has tried to use the javascript image gallery 'Galleria' within Codeigniter? I have used it in non-Codeigniter sites a number of times, it's simple to use and always successful. I am now trying to use it in a Codeigniter site for the first time and cannot get it to work. It's driving me nuts.

I have the Galleria folder in the root of the site and I evidently have the path to the .js files right as Firebug shows me they are all loading and in what I believe is the right order:

galleria_local.js (which is my local initiating code)
galleria.lightbox.js (which is the theme)

The last of these loads the Galleria CSS file and that also shows up as loaded.

However, the thumbnail images do not appear in the div where they are supposed to be and I get an error message from Firebug:
Galleria.transitions is undefined
Line 1
I stuck in console.log() in a few places in the galleria.lightbox.js file and it showed that script appears to be running.

My first reaction was that an interaction between a view and a root folder was independent of Codeigniter but now I'm wondering if it has something to do with paths and maybe the Galleria script is making assumptions about paths that are wrong because Codeigniter sets it up differently.

I'm using Windows XP and on Localhost

Very grateful for any help.

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