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Form validation and array-based form names

Hi folks,

This is a question about form validation.

I am dynamically generating a list of existing users from the database so as to enable the admin to change their personal details.

I'm doing so with array-based form names so the code would look like this:

<label for="username2">Edit Cathy Brown</label>
&lt;input name="usernameEdit[2]" value="Cathy Brown" id="username2" maxlength="30" type="text"&gt;
<label for="email-2">Email:</label>
&lt;input name="emailEdit[2]" value="[email protected]" id="email-2" maxlength="50" type="text"&gt;

The number value, of course, corresponds to the user id in the database table

When I am submitting for form submission I could just check the values like so:

if(empty(implode($_POST['usernameEdit'])) {

echo "NOT EMPTY";


The above uses the implode function to covert the array to a string but what do I need to do so as the set_rules method can handle the input:

$this->form_validation->set_rules('usernameEdit', 'username','trim|required|max_length[30]');

It is giving me an error message that it is an array not a string

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