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SMTP to Hotmail/Live

I can send email using STMP from GMAIL (as described in the forums), however when sending email via HOTMAIL/LIVE, I am getting 530 5.7.0 Must issue a STARTTLS command first. Here is my code. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

$config['protocol']     =  'smtp';
$config['smtp_host']    =  'smtp.live.com';
$config['smtp_user']    =  '[username]@hotmail.com';
$config['smtp_pass']    =  '**************';
$config['smtp_port']    =  587;
$config['crlf']         =  "\r\n";
$config['newline']      =  "\r\n";
$config['smtp_timeout'] =  30;

Additionally i tried ssl://smtp.live.com, like GMAIL but that didnt work either, anyone else had any success?



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