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[routing] The use with a CMS


I just started with CodeIgniter and its looking very good.
Yet I came to a problem while working on a CMS.
I want the data on the pages to be dynamical..

To give a brief explanation:

Based on "normal" pages with URI as in:


Now taken from the helppage:


so I used routing to solve this.

$route['(:any)'] = "pages/page/$1";

This way with a pages controller you can add the correct data for this page.
Yet what if you have page with


Should I be using this?:

$route['(:any)/(:any)'] = "pages/page/$2";
$route['(:any)/(:any)/(:any)'] = "pages/page/$3";

For some reason ive been very busy to understand the way the routing works.
Furthermore I dont see a way to deal with dynamic content, and having pages with static content as a "special module" designed for that page.
To explain:

If I had a registration form, specialy designed for that project. How would I place this into the CMS while having the routes designed for dynamic pages?

For now I have added a route for my admin part:

$route['admin/(:any)'] = "admin/$1";

but in the end, I feel like working the wrong way.

Any advice, tips and maybe some guide for me to improve my work?


Just a bump, since I have been busy on many other projects :o

I was wondering:

Is it actually smart to use a full url like "/information/contact" as query instead of what Im used to do: an ID.

On the "normal" way you kinda have this "/page/id" where you have stored the data on the ID.

Now with this, you would actually search your data in the database by using "/information/contact" right?

anyone has an idea?

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