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Backend Pro for codeigniter 2

Thanks for this.
A couple of notes.
1. assets/cache directory is needed.
2. There are four places where validation is used in My_Form_validation.php instead of form_validation.

After several editions ... see at bottom

It's not working for me.

- Folder "assets/cache" is missing during installation. (not really a problem)

After installation process is ok, I get this error on index :
Fatal error: Class 'Public_Controller' not found in application/modules/welcome/controllers/welcome.php on line 25
EDIT: OK, just rename application/core/Public_controller to Public_Controller

EDIT 2 : Hum, now i get this error and the reply of @ayanftw is not working for me: Unable to load the requested file: helpers/auth/khacl_helper.php

Also, in php5, this: function Welcome() do not will it be til like this: function __construct()

Ok, I finally managed to install and I finally see the login page backendpro.
To do this, I copied

Why? I have not watched yet.

Validation was used in two places in the function valid_captcha that would be worked upon and corrected in the next update to correct the recaptcha module

I've been trying to build a website using backendpro and for some reason i cant extend base_model in any of the models, the only ones that don't say cannot find class base_model are the models that came with it. any ideas?

It worked fine in my localhost but did not work in a live server.

If you have the same problem, then the followings are the fixes.

In line42 of application/modules/Userlib.php, change auth/Khacl to auth/khacl
Application/core/Admin_controller.php should be Admin_Controller.php
Application/core/Public_controller.php should be Public_Controller.php

figures, usually is a problem with caps..

Mmmm. Forgot password and Registration don't work. Any idea or fix?

like sending email or page not loading?

You need to delete application/MY_Parser.php in order to work index.php/auth/forgotten_password.

But callback for form_validation is not working in class Auth_form_processing.

I tried this but it did not work. So I came up a temporary solution, but there must be a better way to solve this.

1. In modules/auth/language/english/uerlib_lang.php, add these.

$lang['userlib_email_used'] = 'The email provided is used.';
$lang['userlib_username_used'] = 'The username provided is used.';

2. In modules/auth/libraries/Auth_form_prcessing, swap function register_form($container) to the following.

  * Register form
  * Display the register form to the user
  * @access public
  * @param string $container View file container
function register_form($container)
  if( ! $this->CI->preference->item('allow_user_registration'))
   // If registration is not allowed

  // Setup fields
  $fields['username'] = $this->CI->lang->line('userlib_username');
  $fields['password'] = $this->CI->lang->line('userlib_password');
  $fields['confirm_password'] = $this->CI->lang->line('userlib_confirm_password');
  $fields['email'] = $this->CI->lang->line('userlib_email');
  $fields['recaptcha_response_field'] = $this->CI->lang->line('userlib_captcha');

  // Set Rules
  $config = array(
   $config = array(

  if ( $this->CI->form_validation->run() == FALSE )
   // Output any errors

   // Display page
   $data['header'] = $this->CI->lang->line('userlib_register');
   $data['captcha'] = ($this->CI->preference->item('use_registration_captcha')?$this->_generate_captcha():'');
   $data['page'] = $this->CI->config->item('backendpro_template_public') . 'form_register';
   $data['module'] = 'auth';
   // now CI validation is ok But...
   // since form_validation callback is not working I have to check
   // usename and email here
   $email     =$this->CI->input->post('email');
   $username  =$this->CI->input->post('username');
    // spare_email will return True when email is not used
    // now let's check username here
     // true means username is not used so redirect
     // everything is ok
     // Submit form
     // this email exist so redirect with message
    // this email exist so redirect with message

3. And don't forget to change all the ->validation-> to ->form_validation-> in application/libraries/MY_Form_validation.

I hope this will help someone.

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