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Hibernator library - any interest?

Hello fellows, I have to join in the cheering for CI, it has behaved nothing less than perfect since I started using it a couple of weeks ago. I'm in the process of remaking and improving a quite big site I made a couple of years ago. Daunted by the task and the old code, I took the chance of also changing the framework. Right now I'm very happy about that desicion!

I'm planning to release my libraries and plugins to the community as thanks for saving me 80+ hours of work on the project, so the first thing I'm planning to release is a Hibernator library.

Now what is that, some Star Wars stuff? No, it's a convenient way of storing objects between page requests. Using the library, you just add any plugin name to the hibernator Config file, and after that you can retrieve the object anytime, and changing it however you may please. When you retrieve it for the first time, it is automatically created and you can specify arguments in the Config file that will be sent to the constructor of the plugin.

A shopping cart is a classic example of when this library is useful. So, any interest?

Gotta run now, but thanks again for this framework!

[eluser]Derek Allard[/eluser]
Sounds interesting - also sounds a lot like sessions. I'd be curious to see the difference. I'd be interested in seeing what you build, and I'm sure others would as well.

Welcome to CI ciscoheat!

Thanks for the welcome, Derek. The library is of course session-based behind the scenes, but this is more of a set-and-forget version of session, controlled by configuration file, with auto-creation of objects, and no need to keep track of saving the object back to session.

I was thinking earlier of the different ways of storing session data. Cookies, native PHP session and database is the three main alternatives I see. Wouldn't it be nice with a CI-approved interface for session handling, to simplify switching between them? Right now I'm using native php sessions, through the phpsession library at http://www.codeigniter.com/wiki/PHPSession/ , but there will probably be some remarks about that choice. Smile (Don't worry, I can argument for it) That's why an interface would be nice. It will be PHP5 of course, but in a week PHP4 is officially dead, so I don't see any problem with that, heh!

Considering the large amount of posts with questions and problems related to sessions we see around here on a daily basis, I would think this class would be very interesting to many people.

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