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Help with smileys

Hi, I have 2 buttons for 2 separate sets of smileys. Button1 will load smiley set 1, and Button 2 will load smiley set 2. How can i implement this?

Currently my buttons are loading all the smileys that i have in both sets. I assume this is because i included all the smileys in the default array in the smileys.php file. Is it possible me to have more than 1 array in the smileys.php file? Or would i have to have 2 different files for each smiley set and change the links in smiley_helper.php?

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Not without extending the smiley_helper

It only uses one array.

Thank you for the reply. So i have to create a new helper file that extends the original smiley_helper?

MY_smiley_helper.php and place it in ./application/helpers

Thanks again, i will try it out =)

I got this error.

Cannot redeclare _get_smiley_array()(previously declared in /myurl/system/helpers/smiley_helper.php:232)

I thought that i could just write another function with the same name and my method will override the default function. So am I doing this wrong?

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