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What theme systems are available for me?

This topic has been beaten up to death for sure.. But I'm going to beat it up even more, and I think with something completely new that no one has asked about previously...

I own a server, and every website that I build is built with CI. So, instead of re-uploading the application and system folders constantly I started thinking of ways to get this to work how I want it to work...

After days and days of trying to figure this out, I figured out the easiest way to accomplish the single application / system folders across as many websites as my server will hold.. the answer? SYMLINKS

So, I created a ci folder the root of my server. and inside of it I packaged the application and system folders... The next step was to make read and execute options available for everyone, but write only available for root (me).. That was done by running: chmod a-w which removed the write options for everyone but the owner...

So then I had to create the symlink itself so I went to the place I wanted the symlink..

cd /home/user/

and created the symlink
ln -s /ci

so the symlink works.. but wait.. something I didn't think about... If each user has access to read and execute the files in the symlink but no write access -- and the symlink is above the document_root, where do they put their controllers?

This leads me to the template system I'm looking for...


That's the basic file structure I would be after. this way my controllers are being called from the actual controllers folder in the document root or some variation of that however...

Now periodically, in some of the sites i build, a theme would also include a completely different configuration but also completely different controllers... But usually, the different themes are nothing more than graphic changes and what not...

I included the [config] in the themes folder, mainly because in 1 particular site I have multiple sites linking to it -- and depending on the URI that it displays, determines how the site looks... so having this in a config file for that theme, but also having all the base configuration for databases, an addition to the autoload.php, and what not would be inside that folder..

Any ideas on the options available to me for this?


Maybe this can help you:


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