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Question about route and pass values to method

Hi all,
there is something I'm not getting about use route to call a method passing three values.
I have a controller with the following method inside

public function view_day($year, $month, $day)
        $data['year'] = $year;
        $data['month'] = $month;
        $data['day'] = $day;
        $this->load->view('calendar/view_day', $data);

and a page within my views folder with the follows

    echo $this->uri->segment(5).'<p>';
    echo $day;

finally, within my routes file I have the line below

$route['calendar/date/:num/:num/:num'] = "calendar/view_day/$1/$2/$3";

What I supposed to do is route an url like


to my calendar controller passing three values (2012, 06 and 10) to my view_day method. Then, collect these three values and pass them to my final page in order to use $day, $month and $year inside my presentation page.
Now, running the url above the result is

10 (returned by the row -> echo $this->uri->segment(5).'<p>'Wink
$3 (returned by the row -> echo $dayWink

Basically, what I'm not getting is way the variable $day inside my presentation page is not getting any value as passed inside the url but returns the same text ($3) I have wrote in my route statement.


Does it work if you write :num as (:num) ?

Using (:num) now it's working. So, do I have to use (:num - :any) in my routes file everytime I have more than one value define in my method's signature, otherwise I can just use :num - :any?


Yes because they define the parameters being passed and how many!

Should always use (:num) and (:any) as that is what the regex is searching for. I realize they use :num in the example in the userguide; it's wrong.

Using parentheses in your routes creates something called a back reference - the $1, $2, etc... are back references to those specific parts of the matched route. If you use :num, :any, or a particular regular expression without the parentheses properly, there will be no reference to that part of the URL.

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