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auto glossary/dictionary?

I've searched but run into too many false hits.

Does anyone have any suggestions for the most efficient way to implement glossary/dictionary link replacement for the final page output?

I'd like to do db lookups based on final output and replace various words with links to a glossary that's maintained on my site.

Perhaps a custom base controller (MY_Controller) and the _output() method would be of use to you?

I think now that my question was pre-Flu (which I'm going through now) induced silliness. I have well-defined fields which I'd like to 'glossarize' ™ so having an arbitrary hook or post controller call would be overkill.

I just need to pass the text I'll be showing the user through the same sort of linkification type of function that I do now, only looking for words in the online glossary and replacing with anchor tags.

Yeah it's more difficult to do on a whole-page basis instead of a chunk of specific content. You could include that functionality in a library, helper, or if you use some sort of template system (like Smarty or similar), you can create a plugin thought the template system ("modifier" as its known in Smarty lingo). That's what I did when I wanted to process some Markdown text.

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