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Advice Needed


I'm looking to "secure" a website i have built using CI now the reason for this is that i'm not sure i trust the people am working for on the website to take the code and then not pay me for the work. So I wish to know what is the best i can encrypt or something and it emails me to say the script has been executed and is in use then when the time comes for mew to add something in to say "right site has not been paid for therefore remove all the site until paid up"

So kinda like if($site) is active but not paid { echo 'Site Encrypted'; } or something along those lines just so I know the site can be taken down if need be without really losing the code. I have thought about Zend but I dont want to keep encryptig and de-crtying when i need to make changes.

Cheers for reading and any help advice would be appreciated.

I use a development server where the client can do what they want there (except no FTP access or SSH access), but the code stays on MY server until they have paid in full. After they pay, I transfer it to their server and they can do what they want. You can actually get yourself in trouble if you go encrypting things on their server without their permission. It's not your property.

I really hope you have a contract stipulating what happens, when and under what criteria. Words don't mean anything; written contracts do. Everything should be spelled out to avoid problems like this, including WHEN the code becomes their property, milestones, payment schedules, what happens when payment isn't made or is late, etc. I hope you don't have to learn a painful lesson here, but it seems you may have left yourself open as it doesn't sound like you have anything legal in writing. Never start a job without a contract.

Watch this: http://vimeo.com/22053820

NO Contracts were signed and the code is on a dev server but there's we have invoiced for part payment and we dont usually work like this but had to do this time has its via another design agency. I personally dont think they will f**k us but just with the way things are going them adding extras that wasn't on the brief I'm juts getting a little worried. Hence me asking to encrypt! But what I may do depending on what happens in a call to them tomorrow, I may get all the files if the server in which i have written, that way they have no site and no one can complain but ill see how it goes tomorrow, but yes Chronix we never do any work without 50% upfront and a contract this one is a one off.

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