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Codeigniter profiler to send output to file instead of display on page?

Sorry, I do not speak English, but I have a question.

I need to save the output of $this->output->enable_profiler(TRUE) into the some file.

Any ideas appreciated.

Hi gloton,

This trick worked on CI 2.2 (I tried it 5 minutes ago) :

PHP Code:
// Create a new PHP file in your app/libraries folder called "MY_Profiler.php"

<?php  if ( ! defined('BASEPATH')) exit('No direct script access allowed');

// We are extending the core Profiler Class of CI
class MY_Profiler extends CI_Profiler
       public function __construct()
               // Calling CI_Profiler constructor

       // Here we MUST override the original session data compiling function because it's private in CI_Profiler (I just copy/pasted it here without any updates)
       private function _compile_session_data()
               if ( ! isset($this->CI->session))

               $output '<fieldset id="ci_profiler_csession" style="border:1px solid #000;padding:6px 10px 10px 10px;margin:20px 0 20px 0;background-color:#eee">';
               $output .= '<legend style="color:#000;">&nbsp;&nbsp;'.$this->CI->lang->line('profiler_session_data').'&nbsp;&nbsp;(<span style="cursor: pointer;" onclick="var s=document.getElementById(\'ci_profiler_session_data\').style;s.display=s.display==\'none\'?\'\':\'none\';this.innerHTML=this.innerHTML==\''.$this->CI->lang->line('profiler_section_show').'\'?\''.$this->CI->lang->line('profiler_section_hide').'\':\''.$this->CI->lang->line('profiler_section_show').'\';">'.$this->CI->lang->line('profiler_section_show').'</span>)</legend>';
               $output .= "<table style='width:100%;display:none' id='ci_profiler_session_data'>";

               foreach ($this->CI->session->all_userdata() as $key => $val)
                       if (is_array($val) OR is_object($val))
                               $val print_r($valTRUE);

                       $output .= "<tr><td style='padding:5px; vertical-align: top;color:#900;background-color:#ddd;'>".$key."&nbsp;&nbsp;</td><td style='padding:5px; color:#000;background-color:#ddd;'>".htmlspecialchars($val)."</td></tr>\n";

               $output .= '</table>';
               $output .= "</fieldset>";
               return $output;

       // This function is the one we need to override to write output into a file instead of returning it to output (I just updated the return value here)
       public function run()
               $output "<div id='codeigniter_profiler' style='clear:both;background-color:#fff;padding:10px;'>";
               $fields_displayed 0;

               foreach ($this->_available_sections as $section)
                       if ($this->_compile_{$section} !== FALSE)
                               $func "_compile_{$section}";
                               $output .= $this->{$func}();

               if ($fields_displayed == 0)
                       $output .= '<p style="border:1px solid #5a0099;padding:10px;margin:20px 0;background-color:#eee">'.$this->CI->lang->line('profiler_no_profiles').'</p>';

               $output .= '</div>';

               // We try to write the output content to the file at www.yoursite.com/assets/xml/profiler.html (you should modify it to a directory existing in your site directory : take care, the path is relative to the index.php file of CI !)
                       return// It works, nothing to output (if you want to continue outputing profiler : return $output;)
"<script>alert('Writing profiler output failed.');</script>"// It fails, echo a javascript alert to warn user

Before using the write_file function, you should enable the File Helper by editing the autoload.php located in your app/config path :

PHP Code:
$autoload['helper'] = array('file'); 

I'm extremely grateful.Your solution works perfectly. Thank you for your time and effort in this matter.

Glad to hear it !

You should probably edit the topic title to add a [Solved] tag so others can benefit of this solution if they need to Smile

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