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Weird error

Hi All,

This is driving me nuts, and any help is appreciated. Here is my code:

$sql = "SELECT SUM(cf_revshareCommissions.commission) AS commission
      FROM cf_revshareCommissions, tblMerchants
      WHERE cf_revshareCommissions.merchantid=tblMerchants.merchantid
      AND cf_revshareCommissions.userid=".$userid."
      AND cf_revshareCommissions.eventdate >= ".$start_date."
      AND cf_revshareCommissions.eventdate <= ".$end_date."
      AND cf_revshareCommissions.locked='0'
      AND cf_revshareCommissions.bad=0
      AND cf_revshareCommissions.merchantid=".$merchantid."
      GROUP BY cf_revshareCommissions.merchantid
      LIMIT 1

    $query = $this->db->query($sql);
    if ($query->num_rows() > 0)
     $row = $this->$query->row();
     $commission = $row->commission;

I am getting a result of 1.32 when I run that query on the MySql server directly.

With Codeigniter though, I am getting this error:

Message: Object of class CI_DB_mysql_result could not be converted to string

And the line that I am getting the error on is this one:

$row = $this->$query->row();

What could I be doing wrong? I really have no idea why I am getting this error as I have 3 more queries like this with different parameters that don't give me an error.

Just in case someone needs to know, the "cf_revshareCommissions.commission" table column is of the type "float".


I believe you are in excess of codes
$row = $this->$query->row();
should only be
$row = $query->row();

Ahhh, that's what you get when you work when you are tired. Thanks a lot LA. Smile

No problem, just don't forget to get some rest once in a while.

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