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MVC Code Generator

I have created an MVC Code Generator for CodeIgniter that generates a model, a controller, and a set of views from a database table. The code is free to anyone who asks via an email link on the site.

The documented code is here.

You made a CRUD?

Yes, but one you don't have to write manually.

I tested your code and got some error in the generated code.
most error are about missing variable and parameter name.
I.e i got function foo($) {..} with just $ sign and no parameter name.
OH And i used xampp with apache port using 555 port, not the default 80 port, may be that caused the problem?.
Thank You.

I don't know whose code you tested, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't mine.

I followed your tutorial step by step here : http://aswapathy.com/ci120422/
using default welcome.php controller as controller for your function, so to generate complete mvc code for user table in my db, i ran http://localhost:555/ci120422/welcome/gen/user
I modified config.php :
$config['base_url'] = 'http://'.$_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'].':555/'.SITE.'/';
anyway, after giving name to missing name-parameter, your generated crud mvc code work perfectly. Thanks

I'm glad you got it to work, but you didn't have to go to all that trouble. The controller to be used is mvc so all you had to run was http://localhost/ci120422/mvc/gen/user.

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