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hello guys,

I'm new on Paypal integration and got a situation question about CI Paypal_Lib library. Its about the field payer_email which the Paypal IPN sent us.

What if the user in my site has a different email address on what Paypal's IPN payer_email sent to me? How will I know who's user payed the money so I can top-up his balance? I think I'm looking for a flag in the parameters to know who's who or maybe I'm doing the process wrong?

Here's a sample of what will Paypal IPN pass to me
mc_gross=19.95&protection_eligibility=Eligible&address_status=confirmed&payer_id=LPLWNMTBWMFAY&tax=0.00&address_street=1+Main+St&payment_date=20:12:59+Jan+13,+2009+PST&payment_status=Completed&charset=windows-1252&address_zip=95131&first_name=Test&mc_fee=0.88&address_country_code=US&address_name=Test+User&notify_version=2.6&custom;=&payer_status=verified&address_country=United+States&address_city=San+Jose&quantity=1&verify_sign=AtkOfCXbDm2hu0ZELryHFjY-Vb7PAUvS6nMXgysbElEn9v-1XcmSoGtf&[email protected]&txn_id=61E67681CH3238416&payment_type=instant&last_name=User&address_state=CA&[email protected]&payment_fee=0.88&receiver_id=S8XGHLYDW9T3S&txn_type=express_checkout&item;_name=&mc_currency=USD&item;_number=&residence_country=US&test_ipn=1&handling_amount=0.00&transaction;_subject=&payment_gross=19.95&shipping=0.00

Many Thanks

Add custom field on PayPal form:

$this->paypal_lib->add_field('custom', '1234567890');

This value is unique. PayPal will return this value so you can use this field as key.

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