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A simple REST style mail server

[eluser]Patrick Spence[/eluser]
A REST style mail server that allows you to to schedule an email to be sent. Can also force send now. Allows for attached files, and multiple outboxes.


The intended use is to give a central location to send emails through, that handles things in a scheduled and provider mail cap manner.

For example, I have a couple different websites at work, and some of the administrative emails that go out are not time sensitive.. i.e. they can wait a few minutes. So I use this system to send the emails out, and then on the next scheduled sending of email, the server handles this for me.

This allows for a much faster response time on web pages that have to send emails out, since the site doesn't have to wait for the mail server to handle your emails, though you do have the option to force an immediate sending of your email.

I also ran into a mail cap issue, where providers limit how many you can send in an hour or day, so I put into it the capacity to have multiple email outboxes for a single domain, and it will rotate through each of them.

The one I am using at work is a more primitive version of this one, but it needed upgrading so I figured I might as well let others know about it.

It supports, CC, BCC and file attaching as well as full HTML mail.

This uses the following great packages for its work:

Codeigniter Restserver by Phil Sturgeon
https://github.com/philsturgeon/codeigniter-restserver required

Codeigniter base model by Jamie Rumbelow
https://github.com/jamierumbelow/codeigniter-base-model required

Codeigniter Restclient by Phil Sturgeon

Used for example, you can use any means of sending a REST put request to send a mail.


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