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grocery crud callback question

Hello everyone,

I am working with the fantastic grocery crud library, but I'm having a problem with a callback.

$crud->columns('description','slideshow','price','address_number', 'address_street', 'address_city', 'address_province', 'address_country', 'address_postal' , 'contact_name', 'contact_email', 'contact_home_phone', 'contact_cell_phone', 'contact_form_email');



        $output = $crud->render();


function example_callback_after_upload($uploader_response,$field_info, $files_to_upload)

    //Is only one file uploaded so it ok to use it with $uploader_response[0].
    $file_uploaded = $field_info->upload_path.'/'.$uploader_response[0]->name;


    return true;

This example comes right out of the documentation (http://www.grocerycrud.com/documentation...ter_upload ), but I can't get it working. I have checked and the file is being uploaded to the correct folder on my server.

Can anyone see what I'm doing wrong?

Thanks in advance,


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