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Need some ideas - Multiple Codeigniter sites + a XenForo site. Need to share login between all of them.

Hi all,

I've got a bunch of Codeigniter and PyroCMS (which is built on CodeIgniter) sites and one forum powered by XenForo. I basically want to have one user system to cover all of them, so a user can login using the same details across any of the sites.

To avoid having to do too much custom work to XenForo (and to avoid having to re-do all that work after every update) I'd like to use XenForo's user table as the 'master' set of records, and then somehow come up with a way of using this to login across my PyroCMS and Codeigniter sites.

I dont want to have to have a copy of the DB details for the XenForo table across all the sites as that just invites a bunch of security issues.

Would I be correct in thinking I could use something like a custom OpenID server setup on a subdomain of the forums (e.g openid.myforums.com) and then use this as the login source on my own custom user login system on the Pyro and Codeigniter sites?

Really I just want to know if:

A) This (openid) would be my best option, and;
B) If not, how would you go about doing it?

Things to consider:

- Not all sites are hosted on the same server
- I dont want to have the DB login details stored in any more places that it has to be.
- I'm not fussed about it automatically logging you in across all sites at the same time, but this would be a bonus.

Many thanks!

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