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Issues with redirect()

"This is more of a PSA in the hope that anybody with the same issue doesn't waste half a day like I did"

I recently had an issue that prevented any function using redirect() to work correctly. I would only get a blank page. No errors in Apache, PHP, codeigniter ... just a blank page. I chased down the usual suspects: proper setting in the config file, whitespace, server time, cookies set properly and yielded nothing. I finally figured out that pagespeed had been loaded. Disabling this chunk of junk fixed the issue.


Where can I find "pagespeed"? What is it? how do I disable that chunk of junk? Thanks Smile

Pagespeed is a site optimization plugin. https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/ I had mod_pagespeed for Apache loaded for a different project and it caused issues with redirect().


Thanks for the link! Will study about it later.

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