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The process of testing and fixing a website?

Just want to ask what is the right/complete procedure
of fixing/debugging and testing a website?

Because I want to test everything.
I'm not sure the complete step by step procedure.

So If anyone of you know the idea, please kindly share it thanks.


Well, it depends on how well it's been documented... if you have full documentation (ie, class diagrams, use case flows, etc), it makes your job a lot easier as they act as a blue print of the intended behaviour of the application. If you don't have this, then it's a complete nightmare if it's a medium - large application as now you have to go and figure out what every use case there is, what it's doing, how it handles exceptions/forks, etc.

Can you give us some background on what you're dealing with?

And what kind of testing are you looking at doing...

- There is "security" testing which in itself is a huge field (xss, csrf, sql injection, file uploading, just a name a few).
- Then there is data integrity testing (i.e. making sure that what goes into the database and comes back out) is what you expect. Again this is a big process. Involving correct escaping of data, encoding, etc. How does the application handle user input checkboxes... what happens if the user alters the value of it, do you just insert that new value? If you're expecting '1' when it's checked, but the $_POST is changed to '2' or 'hacked', how do you handle this, is it a "isset($_POST['user_checkbox']) INSERT/UPDATE with $POST or does it default to 1 is the $_POST is set, or throw a validation error?
- How much ajax on forms is there involving data? (often these ajax scripts get overlooked for proper escaping of data)
- Unit testing.
- Class testing
- http request testing (does it throw a proper http 404 if the page is not found, or if "shopping_cart_item_id" does not actually exist in the database, etc).

[eluser]Jason Hamilton-Mascioli[/eluser]
To test a website from the user's perspective, setup scenarios (and document exactly how to do this) with their assumed outcomes. Then actually go to the site and follow your guide and note if the site passed or failed. This can be automated using Selenium ... http://seleniumhq.org/

Testing the actual code is done via unit testing. There are many topics and different types of unit testing depending on language and framework.

Here is a real useful source that contains various checklists you can use for testing your site
45 Incredibly Useful Web Design Checklists and Questionnaires

Thanks for the input guys.
I will certainly check those.

More input is welcome.

Thanks again.

Is there a book that specialize for this testing/debugging a site?

If you can recommend one then kindly please share.


>> Is there a book that specialize for this testing/debugging a site?
There are 100's if not 1000's. But I cannot recommend one off the top of my head, google could help you though!

[eluser]Jason Hamilton-Mascioli[/eluser]
Or check with Amazon http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?u...esting+php

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