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Installing third party app

Hi, I want to install third party app in existing CI application but when run mysite.com/folder then it is run as controller of course. So, what can I put third party app? I want to simple install it and use it as one of view in my layout, is it possible?

What is the name of the app?
It must have an instruction on how to install it.

Or are you referring, you wanted to create your own 3rd party app?
And you wanted to know how to easily install it in CI?

If you are using HMVC this can be done by dragging & drop the module.

I think about any application, not necessarily in MVC and CI. For example phpbb3 and others. I know instructions and know how to install it as standalone appliacation. As standalone I put it in own folder, run installer and that's all. Problem is when I try to run installer as a part of existing CI application. As I wrote before, when try to put it just in CI subdirectory, I can't call it by mysite.com/app_folder (because CI think I want to run controller). So, what can I install any external application and view it just as one of items in my existing CI App menu?

Well I've never encountered any 3rd party that is not written on CI and can be installed to be part of your CI project. If the 3rd party is not written in CI the best way is to convert it to comply CI.

The magic words are .htaccess and mod-rewrite. If you e.g. disable mod-rewrite and will use example.com/index.php/controller/method, then it will work with your thid-party app being in a subfolder.
Otherwise you'll have to adapt your rewrite-rules to take everything to that specific folder literally and not reroute it to index.php Wink

Thank You PhilTem, it works (installed). But how to use this application as one of my view now (in existing CI application)? I know that I can do it by frame but maybe is there any other way (more elegant)?

ok, it was stupid question. External application has it's own structure (<html><body>) so frame is right way after allSmile

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