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ipn is not validated when sending back to paypal

class paypal_class {

var $last_error; // holds the last error encountered

var $ipn_log; // bool: log IPN results to text file?

var $ipn_log_file; // filename of the IPN log
var $ipn_response; // holds the IPN response from paypal
var $ipn_data = array(); // array contains the POST values for IPN

var $fields = array(); // array holds the fields to submit to paypal

function paypal_class() {

// initialization constructor. Called when class is created.

$this->paypal_url = 'https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr';

$this->last_error = '';

$this->ipn_log_file = '.ipn_results.log';
$this->ipn_log = true;
$this->ipn_response = '';

// populate $fields array with a few default values. See the paypal
// documentation for a list of fields and their data types. These defaul
// values can be overwritten by the calling script.

$this->add_field('rm','2'); // Return method = POST


function add_field($field, $value) {

// adds a key=>value pair to the fields array, which is what will be
// sent to paypal as POST variables. If the value is already in the
// array, it will be overwritten.

$this->fields["$field"] = $value;

function submit_paypal_post() {

// this function actually generates an entire HTML page consisting of
// a form with hidden elements which is submitted to paypal via the
// BODY element's onLoad attribute. We do this so that you can validate
// any POST vars from you custom form before submitting to paypal. So
// basically, you'll have your own form which is submitted to your script
// to validate the data, which in turn calls this function to create
// another hidden form and submit to paypal.

// The user will briefly see a message on the screen that reads:
// "Please wait, your order is being processed..." and then immediately
// is redirected to paypal.

echo "<body>\n";
echo "<center><h2>Please wait, your order is being processed and you";
echo " will be redirected to the paypal website.</h2></center>\n";
echo "&lt;form method=\"post\" name=\"paypal_form\" ";
echo "action=\"".$this-&gt;paypal_url."\">\n";

foreach ($this->fields as $name => $value) {
echo "&lt;input type=\"hidden\" name=\"$name\" value=\"$value\"/&gt;\n";
echo "<center><br/><br/>If you are not automatically redirected to ";
echo "paypal within 5 seconds...<br/><br/>\n";
echo "&lt;input type=\"submit\" value=\"Click Here\"&gt;&lt;/center>\n";

echo "&lt;/form&gt;\n";


function validate_ipn() {

// parse the paypal URL

// generate the post string from the _POST vars aswell as load the
// _POST vars into an arry so we can play with them from the calling
// script.
$post_string.="cmd=_notify-validate"; // append ipn command
foreach ($_POST as $field=>$value) {
$this->ipn_data["$field"] = $value;
$post_string .= '&'.$field.'='.urlencode(stripslashes($value));

// open the connection to paypal
$fp = fsockopen($url_parsed[host],"80",$err_num,$err_str,30);
if(!$fp) {

// could not open the connection. If loggin is on, the error message
// will be in the log.
$this->last_error = "fsockopen error no. $errnum: $errstr";
return false;

} else {

// Post the data back to paypal
fputs($fp, "POST $url_parsed[path] HTTP/1.1\r\n");
fputs($fp, "Host: $url_parsed[host]\r\n");
fputs($fp, "Content-type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded\r\n");
fputs($fp, "Content-length: ".strlen($post_string)."\r\n");
fputs($fp, "Connection: close\r\n\r\n");
fputs($fp, $post_string . "\r\n\r\n");

// loop through the response from the server and append to variable
while(!feof($fp)) {
$this->ipn_response .= fgets($fp, 1024);

fclose($fp); // close connection


if (eregi("VERIFIED",$this->ipn_response)) {

// Valid IPN transaction.
return true;

} else {

// Invalid IPN transaction. Check the log for details.
$this->last_error = 'IPN Validation Failed.';
return false;



function log_ipn_results($success) {

if (!$this->ipn_log) return; // is logging turned off?

// Timestamp
$text = '['.date('m/d/Y g:i A').'] - ';

// Success or failure being logged?
if ($success) $text .= "SUCCESS!\n";
else $text .= 'FAIL: '.$this->last_error."\n";

// Log the POST variables
$text .= "IPN POST Vars from Paypal:\n";
foreach ($this->ipn_data as $key=>$value) {
$text .= "$key=$value, ";

// Log the response from the paypal server
$text .= "\nIPN Response from Paypal Server:\n ".$this->ipn_response;

// Write to log
fwrite($fp, $text . "\n\n");

fclose($fp); // close file

function dump_fields() {

now what is the problem that in log file i m getting this

[07/16/2012 8:01 AM] - FAIL: IPN Validation Failed.
IPN POST Vars from Paypal:
mc_gross=2.00, protection_eligibility=Ineligible

can anyone help me with this?

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